A Gentle Lie and, a False You


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Let’s start a “battle” between the hated me and the invisible senior.

“You and I are all alone, is there anything we can do to save each other?”

Fujishiro Toya, a first-year high school student, got into a dispute and was suspended from school right after he entered school. There are rumors that he is a wicked delinquent at school after his suspension, and none of his classmates even make eye contact.

While spending his high school life alone, he meets a beautiful senior, Akane Yunagi, at the old school building.

As he interacts with Akane, she learns that she has serious troubles with her. One day, after the virtual self appeared, no one recognized the real Akane. I want to help my only senior who believed in me! Toya tries to save Akane by himself, but…?

A coming-of-age story about two people who lost their place together and regain their “place to be”.

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Yasashii Uso to, Kari Some no Kimi
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12/08/23 Terakomari-sama v1c3
12/08/23 Terakomari-sama v1c2
12/08/23 Terakomari-sama v1c1
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