A Friend from My Previous Life Lives in the Neighboring County


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“What’s with that car behind us? Why is it running fast like that?”

Hyeseo and Eunho, who have been very close and lived next to each other since childhood, had a car accident on their way to travel with their family.

After waking up from a long sleep, Hyeseo thought that she seemed to have come to the afterlife.

But is there actually a warm blanket and a room splendid enough befitting for a princess in the afterlife?

And what she saw in the mirror…was a child?

Hyeseo fell into a strange world and entered the body of an aristocrat.

She doesn’t know who it is, but she started her life as Eleanor Quinter.

Then one day, she met Roylette Carzel, a suspicious boy who lives in the neighboring county.


“Listen to me and say the first word that comes to your mind.”

Eleanor breathed in and uttered a word.

“Kim Cheom-ji.”

Roylette stared straight in the eye and finally answered.


Do people in this world knows seolleongtang?

Unbelievable! Just who is he?

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이웃 백작가에는 전생의 친구가 산다
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