A Forest Of Glass


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As the night receded, the sky beyond the forest began to brighten.

Her time was fading, and his time was dawning.

Alicia W. Eimelheim, suffering from acquired achromatopsia.

Lehan Ab Estriesen, who began to color her world.

Knowing he used her, she willingly allowed herself to be used.

He didn’t hesitate, and she gave herself without hesitation either.

To him, she was a means,
To her, he was just a purpose.

Thus, she felt relieved, let her guard down, and fell in love, unaware that the beauty was suffocating her.

Upon realizing that he could no longer be her purpose,

Lehan plunged into the forest.

Into the forest of shattered glass, scattering like fragments.

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유리의 숲
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