A Fake Saint Who Wants To Live


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I am a demon who has infiltrated the empire under the orders of the demon king and pretended to be a saint.

But today, news came that the Demon King was killed by the warrior party.

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살고 싶은 가짜 성녀님
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02/20/24 MTL Rookie c9
02/20/24 MTL Rookie c8
02/18/24 MTL Rookie c7
02/16/24 MTL Rookie c6
02/05/24 MTL Rookie c5
01/05/24 MTL Rookie c4
01/04/24 MTL Rookie c3
01/03/24 MTL Rookie c2
12/05/23 MTL Rookie c1
11/30/23 MTL Rookie c0
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