A Demon’s Path


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Ling Xiao was an orphan fighting for survival in a dog eat dog world. There were some who had the power to enjoy a life of comfort, unconcerned with worldly matters, while most struggled to survive. He was of the second kind.

When he celebrated his sixth birthday, his father left him to the wolves with only a token to defend himself. He struggled to earn a living, scrambling together whatever scraps he could gather; fighting with the dogs for food and fighting with the homeless for shelter.

But that all changed on a fortuitous day, when a demon invaded his home. In a world of deception and plotting, one tasked with seeking revenge for the man who gave him a second lease on life, how would Ling Xiao fare?

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100 Temperings to become a Demon
Lối đi của quỷ
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January 24, 2018
Status: --
I want to be blunt.

This story is terrible.

For some reason the MC goes back to his house while everybody is leaving the village because a mass murder is on the loose.

... more>> He find the man in his house and doesn't think of running the moment he sees him, making the man force him into his a demonic disciple.

Sudden the MC personality is like a demon.

But you soon find out that the Author can't seem to make up his mind on that.

Does the MC have a hero complex or is he evil?

Its very noticeable and frustrating.

One minute the MC plans to go out and drink wine and have sex. The next minute, he's saving a beast girl who happened to be captured.

One minute he's thinking about running to save his own skin, the next literal second, he's diving in head first to save somebody.

This is just two examples that really drag the story down. I've never read such a conflicting character. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c48
Utterly disappointed. Higher the hopes, the greater the disappointment.

I wouldn't be rating this novel so low if it wasn't for the false labels, and marketing. We were promised a demon, a member of the 'dark' path. Also known as one whom isn't part of the mainstream cultivation tradition. What do we get? Another protagonist who thinks, and talks as one would expect a selfish cultivator to, but in action, somehow or another, he always ends up becoming the hero. The hero-complex is thick in this one, expect behaviour to wholly... more>> conform to the usual cultivation metrics.

It wouldn't feel as a betrayal if they story just admitted that it was the usual cliche. Instead, it just had to pretend like it's something special. Something like Reverend Insanity, or Plundering the Heavens. It's nothing of the sort.

Wasted potential. <<less
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issam rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: c71
i will be blunt.

This story is a great story no doubt about that

the story is about a kid how spent his life since he was 6 as a homeless and poor bugger fighting to survive and so it's very understandable that he is in no way a knight in a shining armor defending the weak and blablabla

... more>> and this is exactly what I cam here for. No more beta goody tow shoes mc's that blush from touching a women hand plz they seriously make me sick

and responding to some stingy comments and I quote " Sudden the MC personality is like a demon. But you soon find out that the Author can't seem to make up his mind on that. Does the MC have a hero complex or is he evil?Its very noticeable and frustrating. "

DUDE. This proves that you didn't read even 10 chapter seriously I mean first he was not that much of a good guy since the start

second we all know that there is no concept of absolute evil and absolute good I mean even bad guys do good deeds sometimes and vi-versa

and you cant just say that he is confusing you since its says that he got a twin soul !! One for good and one for bad which proves again that you didn't read it at all

at least he is true to his self and knows when to appreciate kindness with kindness and how to pay people who want to hurt him 10 fold what they deserve

anyway going back to the review :

great story 4/5

great MC 4.5/5

great translation good job 5/5

so like I was saying great read for people who had enough of heroes and whatnot so give it a try im sure you will like it <<less
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chekanalia rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c71
This story is underrated. The MC is not the regular kind of character we are used to. He has a rough childhood that leads him to dabble in business with a certain brothel, a mysterious background and a cheat that is not OP so far. He does have his own talents in medicine concocting and I do like that he has that necessary shamelessness that I think is essential to a cultivator. It is a decent read because we get to see a character that is growing before our eyes... more>> and we see the impact that a change in environment causes but his inherent persona still shines through. Give it a shot. The translator is doing a good job and it kinda sucks that people aren't giving the attention I think it deserves. <<less
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S. Capo
S. Capo rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is great. MC started as a weakling but has great talent in cultivation (7 souls blah blah). Adding to him being deceitful and shameless, it is a perfect MC for this story. Plot armors are well described (why he obtained the plot armor, what is it for, where it came from). Cultivation levels are not confusing. Can do a bit more effort in terms of harem.

... more>>

MC killed the girl's father, girl later on realizes that it is her father's fault, then fell in love with the MC, their love story is full of drama. Twist and turns, but in the end, author forgets about the girl. Can't blame the author though, girl has weak cultivation.

Plot armors: I said it is described because the plot armor he got is actually a trap (demon token) everything is explained. You will learn about it at the end.

Power levels are easy to remember, only red, orange, green, blue, violet. That is all. Unlike other novels, he is not really going back to zero once he fly upwards to new realm. Other novels tend to make the story longer by making the MC the weakest person right after flying to higher realms. Here it is different. He is weak but not that weak. He even started to slaughter playboys right after ascending.

Ending is a bit rushed, he can make the ending into 2 chapters to cover everything but he doesn't (like, what happened with MC demon grandfather, with MC's big marriage, etc).

Anyway, it is satisfying. Author keeps on vomiting plots, you'll feel disgusted reading it but you will still read it cause it is still plot and not a side story, you just know that it is vomit cause while the main plot is going on, it will suddenly appear to disgust you.

Heads up. This is a hardcore harem story.

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VannVann rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c92
It is strange how little atention this novel gets.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about the novel is Ling Xiao himself. He is your typcial abandoned orphan, but unlike most characters with this sotry we get to see how he lived. We were shown how he managed to survive, how he came up with his 'pills' and the reason why he is who he is. He loves money, has a foul mouth and one of his goals is basically scum young master incarnate. But it is these simple goals... more>> that are so like him. No person is good or evil. The best way to survive is to balance between black and white. Ling Xiao does not claim to be a Saint, but he doesn't hide it like most Celestial Soul Masters. He isn't a cold hearted demon or mery sue. He is but a human.

The scene which imprinted itself into my mind the most out of them all would be the scene where he killed the Blue Ranked cultivator as a red rank. No, he wasn't given some OP powers which let him beat oponents who are n levels higher than him. All he did was use his wit and available resources. He used the arrogance of his enemy, letting him drop his guard down before killing him in a shameless manner.

I cannot claim that the novel has unparaleld prose, but it does the job right so even an ant could understand what is happening without taking away from the enjoyment. Plus the transletaor is amazing so show them some love. <<less
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SinsI rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c89
Story has serious problem with MC's characterization - he was supposed to be "shameless, vicious, hypocritical, and treacherous" - but he is anything but; he is just a plain vanilla do-good-er not even remotely as evil as people around him.
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mcdoodz rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: v1c80
Hmm.. well so far so good..i don't understand it when you're making sarcastic comments like as if you've read everything when in truth you don't understand a thing in it.. asking a question like (why's the MC like this, and like that) , do you even read?
the story was good so far and the translation is doing great too..
thumbs up for their efforts..
maybe my review touch a sore spot or something inside you,

welp!! what can you even do.. BITE ME?
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Lt.butterfly rated it
September 30, 2018
Status: c20
This story is shit, the title is deceiving. The potent the MC as Farley cold and only looking out for himself. Instead he becomes this contradiction between a good guy and selfish. He honestly isn’t a “bad” person but greedy and has major issues with blatant staring at hot chicks. Thats it, he almost sacrifices himself to save some people he’s never met. Then laments his decision cause it almost killed him. He is all around a s*upid character and the author had a good path paved but absolutely spit... more>> on it. I mean come on this super old and powerful demonic cultivator makes him his disciple really just gives him all his belongings finds a shovel in his storage space. We find out this shovel is no ordinary shovel and his a really effective and durable shovel, obviously not a weapon MC treats it like some heavenly treasure sword. When he goes to get his own weapon finds a metal broom and decides this is also a heavenly treasure, we find out that it’s just hard to sweep with it cause it’s made out of metal and the bristles and metal. So it provides minor benefits he decides this broom is going to be his weapon. This is the authors try at comedy in he end it sucks and shows that the author lacks a sense of humor. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c60
This novel is not bad. Not a masterpiece but also not too terrible. It had potential but the more I read the more boring it get. The title is actually very misleading. Not sure if author want the MC to be good or bad. One moment the author explain MC had traits like being shameless, vicious, hypocritical, and treacherous and then the next moment the MC turn out to be softhearted, helpful and kind. Personality changes with every moment. First his second master hated him and look down on him,... more>> but the moment he find MC is a genius he treat him like his own son. MC at first wanted this master to die and then in just a few days his heart been move by this master. Most of the chapters felt very rush. Consider the title, his hard life and his personality in the beginning, I find this very contrary in the action the MC display. He is too forgiving and nice.

I at first like that there is a MC that had a rough life and slowly becoming powerful, but annoyed at the same time the author decide to throw the 'mysterious family background setting'. I think we could have done without that nonsense about his mysterious father leaving him behind and he has to get stronger to find his parents. Tired already of this setting.

Basically also what's more is the age problem. When you read the novel it feel like the MC is like a kid instead a grown young man. Childish schemes and lies can still make others believe him. The villains are also not that smart. Let just say the author is not good at making complicated plots and character development.

Overall the novel is a decent one with a few laugh in it but it's not something unique or amazing that would blow away your mind. Most of the plots and setting is already very common in other novels.

Ps:what I would like to add is that not a single thing what was written in the summary is true. He basically hasn't done any of that. Instead a demon cultivar he is more like a mischievous brat. And what nonsense about whoever dared to compete with him over women and money deserved death? I only wish that were true. He might be greedy and a little perverted but that's all. <<less
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