A Demon’s Path


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100 years of cultivation to become a demon, 1000 to become Buddha. But Ling Xiao was no saint, so 100 years would suffice.

How would Ling Xiao cultivate? By throwing shade at those who were an eyesore, trampling on those who dared to slander him, and beating up anyone with the idea of walking all over him!

Ling Xiao believed in a simple philosophy: Whoever dared to compete with him over women and money deserved death!

A Demon’s Path average rating 3.7/5 - 40 user ratings
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04/18/18 Adam’s Ale... c71
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New issam rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: c71
i will be blunt.

This story is a great story no doubt about that

the story is about a kid how spent his life since he was 6 as a homeless and poor bugger fighting to survive and so it's very understandable that he is in no way a knight in a shining armor defending the weak and blablabla

... more>> and this is exactly what I cam here for. No more beta goody tow shoes mc's that blush from touching a women hand plz they seriously make me sick

and responding to some stingy comments and I quote " Sudden the MC personality is like a demon. But you soon find out that the Author can't seem to make up his mind on that. Does the MC have a hero complex or is he evil?Its very noticeable and frustrating. "

DUDE. This proves that you didn't read even 10 chapter seriously I mean first he was not that much of a good guy since the start

second we all know that there is no concept of absolute evil and absolute good I mean even bad guys do good deeds sometimes and vi-versa

and you cant just say that he is confusing you since its says that he got a twin soul !! One for good and one for bad which proves again that you didn't read it at all

at least he is true to his self and knows when to appreciate kindness with kindness and how to pay people who want to hurt him 10 fold what they deserve

anyway going back to the review :

great story 4/5

great MC 4.5/5

great translation good job 5/5

so like I was saying great read for people who had enough of heroes and whatnot so give it a try im sure you will like it <<less
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New chekanalia rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c71
This story is underrated. The MC is not the regular kind of character we are used to. He has a rough childhood that leads him to dabble in business with a certain brothel, a mysterious background and a cheat that is not OP so far. He does have his own talents in medicine concocting and I do like that he has that necessary shamelessness that I think is essential to a cultivator. It is a decent read because we get to see a character that is growing before our eyes... more>> and we see the impact that a change in environment causes but his inherent persona still shines through. Give it a shot. The translator is doing a good job and it kinda sucks that people aren't giving the attention I think it deserves. <<less
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January 24, 2018
Status: --
I want to be blunt.

This story is terrible.

For some reason the MC goes back to his house while everybody is leaving the village because a mass murder is on the loose.

... more>> He find the man in his house and doesn't think of running the moment he sees him, making the man force him into his a demonic disciple.

Sudden the MC personality is like a demon.

But you soon find out that the Author can't seem to make up his mind on that.

Does the MC have a hero complex or is he evil?

Its very noticeable and frustrating.

One minute the MC plans to go out and drink wine and have s*x. The next minute, he's saving a beast girl who happened to be captured.

One minute he's thinking about running to save his own skin, the next literal second, he's diving in head first to save somebody.

This is just two examples that really drag the story down. I've never read such a conflicting character. <<less
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