A Contractual Marriage That Starts because I’m “Just Right” ~ Melting Under the White Knight’s Doting Love~


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Just right. That was why we ended up getting married. 

Julia, a pharmacist, was betrayed by her boyfriend whom she had been dating for 6 years. She was so hurt that even though the people around her assured her that there would be another man for her, she didn’t care about it and continued to wallow in her sorrow. 

At that moment…

“You’re just right.”

Leonardo, a white knight (magic knight) who was known to be a playboy, proposed to her. On the other hand, her ex-lover, who was working as a black knight was….. 

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A Contractual Marriage That Starts because I’m “Just Perfect” ~ Melting Under the White Knight’s Doting Love~
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Tastastix rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm not sure how to feel about this. I know I shouldn't expect much from something that's 25 chapters, but there's so much that I find unenjoyable. It just feels the most uninteresting, one-sided pissing contest (one-sided in both that only one side's winning, but also only one side is actively participating).

... more>>

The homewrecker is as flat and typical as can be, constantly comparing herself to others and especially to the FL.

Cheater feels inferior to FL and ML because FL makes more money (and likely gets more recognition), and the ML is a noble.

There's also no time-keeping, so cheater suspects homewrecker's baby to be her ex's, not that we'd know because we don't know how far along she is, when their affair started, and how much time has passed.


Furthermore, there's zero need for this to be in a historical fantasy world other than to set it apart from a typical modern day short romance as the nobility and magic aspects never come into play other than vague mentions to exert superiority.


ML is second (presumably legitimate) son of a count; just because he isn't the heir doesn't mean that he'd be living like an unwealthy commoner after becoming a knight


FL's internal monologuing also gets tiresome fast, but that's the only time we get to see any personality from her. She and thr ML also have the mildest chemistry I've seen in a romance, which is weird because all they seem to do is kiss and flirt (?)


ML always mentions how he loves FL, but we never learn how or why, just that he DOES, and he honestly feels like a scammer sometimes.


I'll stop ranting. It's a 2 from me. <<less
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Cheren rated it
June 8, 2024
Status: Completed
Like other reviewers said, this feels like a modern story masquerading as a historical fantasy. Based on the work it sounds like knights do, I get the feeling the author tried to make it medieval because "magical police force" doesn't have the same ring.

The romance is OK. The characters are OK. The flow of this story felt weird and I think that fact contributes to how cardboard the characters, romance, and problems felt. It's decent for a quick read but I doubt I'll ever reread it.
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chande rated it
February 21, 2024
Status: Completed
There's nothing special in this story. The premise was so simple and predictable since the beginning till the end. Also, I agreed with the previous reviewer: the setting of this story felt more like a modern era rather than a medieval era so it felt rather pointless to make it into a medieval era setting.
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