【Mob Spirit 】- I Was Reincarnated as a Lowly Character in a Game, Using Cheat Knowledge, I Created Harem,but My Sister Seems to Be Angry


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How often do you see those annoying enemy characters in games that heal your enemies?

I’ve become such a character

I was reincarnated as a crony of the son of a frontier count who does evil deeds in the popular game “The Legend of the Magic Sword”

I had a twin sister who suffered from a disease.

In order to not let her die, I came up with a secret plan—-.

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dokutah rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: c64
Average, just plain average, along with a few disturbing parts. MC's a healer who tries to become a dps. And he somehow managed to, even if not that great at it. His sister loves him, heavily. If you can stand in*est, this novel would be enough to kill time.

Edit: the in*est is still disturbing as usual, but it's quite entertaining so imma bump up my rating a bit.
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