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Bijo to Kenja to Majin no Ken
JP Bijo to Kenja to Majin no Ken
Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Romance Seinen Tragedy
Kei Arakawa, an average salary-man somewhere around his thirties, fell into a chasm between worlds. In exchange for a single limitation, he gained the ability to perceive someone or something’s status. But apart from that skill, he has no skills any ordinary person wouldn’t have. All he could do after ending up in another world, was to gain insight into something’s status, and use that information for his own growth and survival.... more>>

One day, as Kei was being assaulted by enemies, a certain individual appeared and saved his life. But it just so happens that this individual has an enormous secret――

This is an adventure fantasy where our MC encounters some beautiful women in another world, and throws himself into fierce battles with powerful beasts.

This series has been adapted to a manga, with updates being published under the Comic Valkyrie label.

This novel is a recipient of the 3rd annual WebNovel Award, with three volumes published to date. <<less
Releases: 16
I’m a Dullahan, Looking for My Head
JP I’m a Dullahan, Looking for My Head
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Supernatural
A games and anime otaku, Kubinashi Munesuke dies from getting hit by a truck, his head severed from the impact. As he accepts his tragic end, he realizes he is in the forest using a full body armor.... more>>

And when he peeks into the lake, he notices.

“Haa!? Head, why I don’t have a head!?”

He doesn’t have a head.

Munesuke is born again as Dullahan, but he doesn’t have his head anywhere. Attaching a helmet he picks up as a substitute of his head, he calls himself Duke. Living as an adventurer in the capital, he tries to learn about this world and find his head.

It’s so noisy nowaday because of the friendly fire magician and the self-proclaimed saint.

“Well, you call yourself saint every day, but you can’t do purification, what a regrettable saint you are.”

“Wait a minute! If you say that much, I will show you the power of saint! This’s great, there is an evil presence here, I will prove it by erasing it without a trace.” <<less
Releases: 11