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Group Name Pika Translations
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Series (6) Demon Hunter, Inch of Radiance, One Sword to Immortality, Perfect World, The Great Ruler, The Portal of Wonderland
Releases 697

Group News
(02-26-18) PW + DH patreons
(02-26-18) PW + DH patreons

Group Releases
Date Title Release
03/10/18 Demon Hunter v2c1 part3
03/09/18 Perfect World c478
03/09/18 Demon Hunter v2c1 part2
03/08/18 Demon Hunter v2c1 part1
03/08/18 Perfect World c477
03/07/18 Perfect World c476
03/07/18 Demon Hunter v1c32 part4
03/06/18 Demon Hunter v1c32 part3
03/06/18 Perfect World c475
03/05/18 Demon Hunter v1c32 part2
03/04/18 Demon Hunter v1c32 part1
03/04/18 Perfect World c474
03/03/18 Demon Hunter v1c31 part4
03/01/18 Demon Hunter v1c31 part3
03/01/18 Perfect World c473
02/28/18 Perfect World c472
02/28/18 Demon Hunter v1c31 part2
02/28/18 Perfect World c471
02/27/18 Demon Hunter v1c31 part1
02/26/18 Demon Hunter v1c30 part4
02/26/18 Perfect World c470
02/25/18 Demon Hunter v1c30 part3
02/24/18 Demon Hunter v1c30 part2
02/23/18 Demon Hunter v1c30 part1
02/22/18 Demon Hunter v1c29 part4
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