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Date Title Release
10/08/17 Mary-san Comes on Foot c5
10/05/17 Mary-san Comes on Foot c4
10/05/17 Mary-san Comes on Foot c3
10/03/17 Mary-san Comes on Foot c2
10/03/17 Mary-san Comes on Foot c1
09/08/17 About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like Me oneshot
09/01/17 Dragoon c133
08/31/17 Dragoon c132
08/29/17 Dragoon c131
08/29/17 Dragoon c130
08/27/17 Dragoon c129
08/22/17 Dragoon c128
08/19/17 Dragoon c127
08/16/17 Dragoon c126
08/10/17 That One Time the Essay a Child Wrote over Winter Break was Way... short story
08/09/17 Dragoon c125
08/05/17 Dragoon c124
08/02/17 Dragoon c123
08/01/17 Dragoon c122
08/01/17 Dragoon c121
07/31/17 Dragoon c120
07/31/17 Dragoon new year special 2
07/31/17 Dragoon c119
07/29/17 Dragoon c118
07/25/17 My Hero short story
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