Your Majesty, I’m Not that Man


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BL Novel Transmigration #TransmigratedGenreChangedToRomance #ObsessiveMaleLeadObsession

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I died in a traffic accident while trying to save a child in danger.

And then, I transmigrated into a BL novel that I used to enjoy reading.

Not only did I transmigrate as the protagonist of the novel, but even the genre changed to romance fantasy.

The original male lead, who made the protagonist of the original work unhappy, also changed.

In a world redesigned solely for her, can she find happiness?

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폐하 저 남자 아닌데요
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04/10/24 Moonlight Novels c2 part3
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04/10/24 Moonlight Novels c1 part3
04/10/24 Moonlight Novels c1 part2
04/10/24 Moonlight Novels c1 part1
04/05/24 Moonlight Novels prologue
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