XOXO, Miss Minnie


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The sudden death of one’s older brother and his wife.

Amidst this man’s quiet and boring life that resembled a black-and-white movie, the overflowing energy of a six-year-old girl came out of nowhere.

The fearless Baek Tae-joon came to collapse without mercy.

[Could you become Rose’s home tutor until the end of this semester?] This was what Tae-joon suggested to ‘Miss Minnie’, a kindergarten assistant teacher whom Rose clung to often.

[The basic salary for about 4 months is $100,000. Including a $50,000 contract basis and a $50,000 bonus at the end of June.] And, by the way.​

‘I’m finally going crazy.’

The red cheeks, the fair and translucent skin, the cherry-like lips that seemed to be coated in sticky syrup, the feeling of her soft hands, and the strangely ticklish, whispery voice grazing his ears.

The image that popped into his mind without warning hardened his lower abdomen.

He was raving for Rose’s teacher, ‘Miss Minnie’, almost all the time.

Because of her sensitive adolescent complex and college trauma, Min-hee mastered the expertise of unrequited love.

“Will I never try s*x before I die? I wish there was someone who could help me practice how to seduce a man. Maybe I’ll just never have a proper relationship and die leaving only my kittens behind, hnng-”

“You have a cat?”

“No. Hik.”

Tae-joon agilely caught a gap and held onto it.

“Don’t cry. You can practice seducing a man using me.”

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XOXO, 미스 미니
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