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Ling Xiao was a powerful martial expert who fell in battle and was unexpectedly transmigrated into another world. He began life anew in the body of a boy with the same name, a fallen genius of the Ling Family whose cultivation had been crippled in a surprise attack, and son to a father who had also suspiciously been crippled under similar circumstances. Armed with knowledge from his previous life, Ling Xiao aim to restore his strength and establish his place at the top of this new world

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mrttao rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: c8
Modern day earth has cultivators in secret, an old and high ranking cultivator from earth dies in sect battle.

He then transmigrates and possesses the fresh corpse of a 12 year old cripple-tr*sh in a typical xia crapsack world, luckily modern day earth has far more advance cultivation techniques than the xianxia world, and his OP body tempering technique from earth can cure the cripple-tr*sh's broken meridians in under a month.

MC then displays the maturity of a 5 year old and the IQ of a chimp to continuously bumble around like... more>> a complete and utter ret*rd, getting s*upider by the page. He constantly picks pointless fights with people vastly stronger than him, even though he could surpass them in a few days of training but is currently significantly weaker he is unwilling to wait a few days and has to rely on plot armor to survive..

He is incapable of subtlety or cunning or tact. He cannot into human relations, emotions, or intellect. He can neither comprehend nor properly respond to the gratitude felt towards him by some girl he saved. And he flip flops between being low key and telling the watching bystanders all his secrets while pointlessly beating up young masters that for once were not even picking a fight with him.

The translation quality is good though <<less
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kelsa rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: --
Novel is wishful fulfillment.

MC is a moron yet still looks likes a Gary Stu. Let see MC... MC is gods gift to women, woman fall at his lap, author fantasy seems to mess up common sense eg. MC pursues a top beauty and shouts that he like her in public later MC breaks the girls heart because his ordinary looking friend like her (of course he like her she's a beauty almost every man like her) So the girl likes the MC but MC lies that he doesn't like and... more>> say's that his ordinary looking friend likes her so she must give the ordinary looking guy a chance, poor girl was heart broken.. Well long story short MC tells the friend that the girl now belongs to the friend and some time later the top beauty that have countless admirers ends up liking the same ordinary looking friend. LOLOLOL In your dreams author.

MC is an a**hole. He goes to the clan of another top beauty and intimidates her into eloping with another one of his "brothers". LOL the MC is handing out top beauties to his "brothers' like handing out food stamps.

MC is still an absolute idiot eg. An expert from an enemy sect take's his fiance hostage during a battle. The expert who is an enemy want's his fiance to become her disciple and even promises to destroy her sect and so MC being the moron that he is agrees without even confirming the facts.

This novel is ridiculous wishful fulfillment and MC is also narcissistic moron, so wouldn't recommend this BS logic. <<less
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tede rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c850
Another generic harem. The women are acquired cheaply. Reincarnated Martial expert MC that ends up chasing after a teenage girl like some lovesick dog LOL. MC is s*upid but he got alchemy plot armor. MC like some kind of naive fool persuades his fiance to leave with a complete stranger. MC will spend most of novel trying to find her after learning that the person he sent her with had bad intentions towards her. Pretty generic plot.

Some s*upid things that happen in the novel.

The fiance agreed to marry the MC's enemy/"killer" in order to use the said enemy's resources and eventually take revenge for the MC. How s*upid is that? Giving the MC a green-hat should be worse and what if she gave birth to the enemy's children. This is the same woman the the MC will chase after throughout the novel.

After 3 years of no contact from the MC the MC's childhood love interest was forced to marry a scumbag (generic lecherous young master) to prevent her clan from being annihilated by the scumbag's clan. It's pretty obvious that childhood friend is disgusted and is absolutely forced to marry the scumbag in-order to prevent her family from being exterminated. When MC returns 4 years since he left he just ignores her and doesn't forget to ridicule her after after killing the scumbag and scumbags clan after the scumbags clan attacked his clan during. Ignoring her and not taking her back is not really the problem but what's bad is the MC self righteous attitude, he puts the blame entirely on her. The MC wasn't around or in contact with the childhood love interest for 4 years and should at-least acknowledge the fact he wasn't around to protect her or her clan. So MC really had little to no right to ridicule her.


The MC is not really likeable, he's too self-centred. The novel is pretty bad would give it a miss.
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Fanya rated it
December 20, 2016
Status: c40
Ok, so I read a dozen other cultivation/martial art novels on here and this appeared in the Recommendations a few times. I ignored it the first few times since there's no review and has a 3.9 rating, but I couldn't resist and there's only 28 chapters translated so I read it all in one setting.

Yes, it follows the usual reincarnation and fast cultivation pattern, but I enjoy it because it does a good job between balancing everything. Yes it focus on cultivation but it doesn't spend paragraphs every chapter talking... more>> about it or how amazing MC's progress is. Yes there are harem candidate but it wasn't too pe*verted and didn't spend chapters describing how jade like everything is. Instead of everyone is an idiot and loathe MC, there is a mixture of people who love/hate/respect/look down on him. It avoided most of my pet peeves about cultivation novels, but it might also be what prevents it from becoming unique. It didn't go into super detail about cultivation, nor did it go deep with violence/pe*vertedness/scheming, so if you like those aspect then you will find this boring. It is pretty well written/translated, so there's that.

... actually now that I'm up to ch40, I'd say it's a 4 star instead of 5 but I don't know how to change the rating. It gets a little bland sometimes if you read these types of novel a lot due to cliche. <<less
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easygoing rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: c860
I had to stop reading this one, it's decently written in the aggregate the plot flows well and the cultivation system/MC is somewhat interesting however there were just a few nagging things that built up overtime and I just couldn't bring myself to keep reading

  1. no female can go offscreen for more than 5 paragraphs without having to be reintroduced with someone trying to r*pe them, this happens a lot in xianxia novels but this one takes it to a ridiculous extreme
  2. The MC makes illogical choices all the time simply for drama, like pretending to be 2 ranks below he was in an alchemy competition (that somehow took what felt like a dozen chapters) even though there was literally no possible downside to just going as his real rank, or when he doesn't listen to his friend who can literally tell the future and brand a guy as his servant with literally no downside but severe consequences
  3. the exposition is horrendous, towards the end of my reading I felt like I could read ~1/5th of any given chapter and get the main plot while cutting out the 4/5ths of fluff about power structures for some random sect that would never be mentioned again or some flower that might come up once
  4. The plot was just incredibly generic, if you've read one xianxia, honestly any one of them, you've more or less read this one, tropes and all
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Vanhellsing rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: c680
This novel is good. Forget those long negative commentator they aren't true at all. His girls don't get kidnap and hiding his cultivation (he actually shows off his alchemy skill and level) and other just don't happen well in initial chap his girl actually gets taken but it leads to an awesome battle. This has a serious harem too not like those another lousy novel where cultivation is the god and girls are just to be a collection.

(BTW this has like lots of girls in harem member.) And there... more>> is a good use of brain too not just brawl over brain situation like always. <<less
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kamisusano rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: c31
A absolute dissapointment. I have quiet a bit of expect to the potential of this novel. A hard working with a little cunning and sharp tounged MC, who don't fall into luxury and women, which was good. Then right after get 5th place in family competition, he turned into a narcisstic, arrogant and typical young master, thinking every single women around him must be his, with luck that don't get beaten up by other MC. He was totally clueless about his surrounding. Keeping telling himself that he must remain lowkey,... more>> but look what he did. A bit shameless at first was fine for comedic relief, but soon he turn to be disgusting shameless. He didn't feel grateful at all for elder Tian who help him, keep internal enemies away and give him cultivation resources. Girls arround him were your typical troppy wifes, existed only to cause him trouble. <<less
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PatriarchBoneDemon rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: --
The writing is a bit of a mess, and it has all the cultivation clichés you can possibly think of, for example MC who revives from another universe and is incredibly MC in this because of his past life, and everybody expecting a crippling but MC just dominates everybody. It's fun to read though, the best thing to compare it to would be Fast and Furious, it's not necessarily a good movie but it's fun to watch for entertainment.
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