When the Monster Meat I Ate Led Me to the Throne


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Mars, the first prince of the Farun Kingdom, spent his days fearing assassination even at the age of 12. Due to the high probability of poison in his meals, he hunted monsters in the forest outside the castle, eating their meat to stave off hunger.

One night, a red-haired beauty wielding a greatsword appeared before Mars and declared, “You have potential. Become my disciple.”

From a single misunderstanding, the boy (who had no desire for it at all) rose to become the strongest king. The astonishing newcomer who swiftly decided to publish all of their posted novels, debuting with two shocking works simultaneously!

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mon'sutāno nikuo kutteitara ōini tsuita ken' jīshīenubun'ko
The case of eating monster flesh and ascending to the throne.
When the Monster Meat I Ate Led Me to the Throne (LN)
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12/07/23 gadgetized panda... v1 prologue
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