When I Was Nice to a Landmine Girl Who Was Being left Out in a University Seminar, She Started Coming to Sit Next to Me the Next Day


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Kazakiri Yuya, the protagonist, wanted to make his university debut with the goal of getting a girlfriend, but he stepped on a landmine.

When he was nice to a slightly unusual looking landmine beauty, she took a liking to him…….

It was a sweet love comedy in which he was pressed by a landmine named Yanderella on a daily basis, but he doesn’t feel that bad about it?

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gnom69 rated it
December 25, 2023
Status: v2c4
Typical MC, but he always hits bullseye while giving compliments.

Somehow I like the landmine concept as a way of balancing overpowered love interests.

Translation is done quite well. The chapters are short. So why not give this a try?

(No spoilers given, probably)
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