Weed ~The One’s Gardener~


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A world that suffers from an emptiness that devours people and a disease of the mind… The only way to solve the situation is to summon a being from another world and sacrifice them. Those who were chosen as sacrifices were all old or wounded and were on the brink of death, and they gave their lives for the world, receiving everyone’s respect.

Now, the situation requires one final sacrifice. After completing the summoning ceremony, the priests believed that everything would end well with this ceremony. Until their leader brought the dying sacrifice back to life.

Meanwhile, Shin Hana, who was dying in a deserted place due to a car accident, hears a voice calling her.

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Date Group Release
07/20/23 Mystical Series c21
07/13/23 Mystical Series c20
06/30/23 Mystical Series c19
06/22/23 Mystical Series c18
06/15/23 Mystical Series c17
05/25/23 Mystical Series c14
05/11/23 Mystical Series c12
04/27/23 Mystical Series c10
04/20/23 Mystical Series c9
04/06/23 Mystical Series c7
03/30/23 Mystical Series c6
03/23/23 Mystical Series c5
03/09/23 Mystical Series c3
01/19/23 Mystical Series c2
01/11/23 Mystical Series c1
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