Warrior Grandpa and Grandmaster Daughter


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2021’s Grand Prize Winner!

A wild wulin journey with a grandfather who has returned to his youth and his invincible granddaughter!

Associated Names
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Grandfather Warrior and Supreme Granddaughter
Grandpa Samurai and Granddaughter of the Supreme
Warrior Grandpa and Supreme Granddaughter
할배무사와 지존 손녀
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03/14/24 Sky Demon Order c95
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02/14/24 Sky Demon Order c81
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February 23, 2024
Status: c86
This story is a lot of fun to read. Definitely has some initial tough moments, but there is also a great mix of action, adventure, family, and friendships. So far it hasn't devolved into pure wuxia slaughterhouse, but I'm hoping it finds another path and continues to be a nice surprise. This isn't a super deep or complex story but it is not overly shallow as well, and in my opinion has a great balance allowing one to become easily immersed.

The main characters are the grandfather and grand-daughter pair and... more>> I feel their characters are lovely and genuinely written. Other people they meet are also shown to have some depth and relationships grow over time.

The writing is good, the translation is definitely good quality, and a greater story seems to be unfolding though it is just starting to form at chapter 86. There is a paywall for the latest chapters but this system allows the eventual reading of the story if one is patient. I appreciate that the translators decided to do it that way as sometimes people do need to get paid for their work but they do allow a way forward for those of us that can barely pay for internet. All in all I have zero complaints and would recommend giving it a read. <<less
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