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Bai Tang is a Jade Grass, born from a falling thunder. When he descended to the mortal realm and encountered a monster overcoming tribulation, he opened his mouth and swallowed the thunder.

As a result, all the monsters in the world were shocked—
Monsters who overcome tribulations: …Senior, do you still need a leg accessory?!
Monsters about to undergo tribulations: Senior, I’m willing to guard your home for you!
Gong: Then let me warm your bed for you.

Reading guide:

Warning, readers who can’t handle high sugar levels, be cautious!

Warning, readers who can’t handle high cuteness levels, be cautious!

As this text is filled with adorable creatures, readers with agile reflexes are advised to enter first. Bai Tang, the quick-transmigration task-taker, sincerely serves you, leading you into the paradise of fluff~

The beauty of the prosperous age, the cookie, and the gong are the same person.

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