[Villain X Marriage] From A Lazy Villainous Nobleman Like Me, The Villainess Daughter Whose Engagement Was Broken Off Has Become My Wife, And Together We Became The Most Formidable Couple


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Alban Odran.

Arrogant, insolent, and――lazy.
He condensed all the negative elements into the worst villain.

He was a scum who indulged in power and talent, but he suddenly realized that he was destined to be the ‘villainous noble who would eventually meet ruin.’

This can’t go on like this! Alban thought.
To avoid ruin, he begins to put in effort――but then, talk of a marriage proposal comes his way.

The one coming to marry him is none other than the discarded villainess.

He hears that she’s a problem child who lost her place due to her villainous actions, and Alban is at his wit’s end――

“Huh? Isn’t she a really capable and good wife?”

This is the story of what happens when the ‘lazy villainous noble’ and the ‘discarded villainess’ meet, resulting in the most dreadful couple.

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    Thraximus rated it
    August 27, 2023
    Status: v2c11
    The story itself is fine. Nothing spectacular but not bad either, if you don't have anything better to do its a good time waster, the only problem I have with it is problems pop up and get resolved within seconds (of reading) and there are basically constant time skips to the "best parts". Like someone was writing a summary and not a story. So I'd give it a 3, maybe 3.5 cus I'm biased and I like the themes.

    Now the translation on the other hand. Ooooh boy its something.... more>> It's an obvious barely proofread MTL, pronouns are constantly wrong, names of characters, places, families change from chapter to chapter, sometimes text literally gets doubled (happens with some MTL software). It's really bad, its kind of legible if you concentrate and fix it in your head, so its not unreadable if you want to, but just barely.

    The score I gave is just for the story itself, If I were to factor in the translation I'd have to give it a 2. <<less
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    dragonulera rated it
    September 18, 2023
    Status: v2c26
    The story is quite fast paced. There are quite the time skips.

    However... it's quite hard to read.

    There's barely any proper editing to show the difference between inner thoughts and dialogue or author narration, sometimes there are parts where you have no idea who speaks with who and sometimes the end of the chapters are repeated multiple time (once it even reached to 3 times).

    It is a light story, nice to read as a break, but no, either the author or the translation drops it in quality.
    1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Geor rated it
    August 25, 2023
    Status: v2c22
    dropped this because the FMC comes across as a half brain dead sl*t. Generic wish fulfilment this is not, honestly I can't tell if it's the author or the translator/ editor can't tell the difference between an engagement and marriage but acts like it's one and the same, thus my opening shock comment. The only credible thread is the interaction between the MC and FMC, but come on I'm not asking for a top quality character interaction but at least hit the level of a C class soap opera. This... more>> almost lost me when the MC takes care of the ex, but I gave it a bit more of a chance to only see more quick one shots of common tropes not recommended unless you want brain damage from reading <<less
    1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Mr.Mochi rated it
    August 21, 2023
    Status: --
    Starts off with the fairly low effort of taking a fat lazy slob and makes himself into OP Chad by chapter 2. The story then proceeds to shove an arranged marriage by chapter 3. By chapter seven, the MC realizes the wife is of course misunderstood by her family and married to the MC to get rid of her.

    Low effort generic fantasy romance fic with typical reincarnation and academy cliches. Translation even repeats half the chapter, and it's a fairly early one at that.

    Looks like we're in the dark ages... more>> of online literature, where authors spend more time on trends and buzz words than plot, characterization, and setting.

    1/5. You are better off reading Game of Thrones FanFiction than this. <<less
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    Cernunnos rated it
    December 12, 2023
    Status: c56
    Story is basically about an OP dude and a Damsel-in-Distress.

    How do you threaten an OP protagonist that has zero weakness? Yep. You target his fiancee.

    This happens like all the time in this novel since there is no way to have stakes when the strong af protagonist doesn't lose, they instead tease you with the FeMC, her getting kidnapped, her getting forcibly engaged to someone else, etc. There comes a point where it all becomes annoying, it's like "Ahh shiet the fiancee got taken away again" over and over.

    Also the translation... more>> sucks. Translator can't differentiate between fiancee, bride, and wife, and you will see them being interchanged all the time.

    Not recommended, really. <<less
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