Two Old Monsters


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This story started in a typical way: love at first sight.

Two ancient spirits believed each other to be mortal. After dating, going steady, and seriously committing to one another for 200 years, the fox and the snake were ready to send their lover away, only to realise that they were both spirits.

Snake spirit x Fox spirit, Fu Wangzhi x Xie Changan

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Eat__tea rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating 4.7 from me.

A snake spirit and fox spirit who were new to the human world. The snake was cold and the fox was flirtatious, both were wandering the human world to find fun. By the help of the carp spirit chance encounter, the snake fell for the fox's menacing smile, and the fox learnt of the word "marriage".

A very fresh read, definitely recommended to read in passing, can be finished in one sitting. Also many smut scenes as a bonus 🫣 Downside is that machine translation is wonky.
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some lemonade
some lemonade rated it
April 4, 2023
Status: Completed

I wanted to give it 2 stars but changed my mind in chapter 3. I thought it was weird at first, like they were just looking to f*ck (and I was right). But when time passed, the scenes... There were misunderstandings, but they were so clingy that they ignored the fights quickly.

About Chapter 2 and ML:

... more>>

Their first time was r*pe. Xie Changan (ML) didn't want to, but Fu Wangzhi (MC) forced him.

After that, he ignored MC but felt jealous of MC and wanted to marry him.


I didn't understand why, but I think their personality is just like that.

ML didn't have much knowledge of the world and just accepted this affection. As time passed, he fell in love.


I didn't understand MC very well, he is a snake, cold blooded and seems to get very attached to ML and likes to play with him.


Obviously, he also knows how to be an a**hole. First the r*pe, then the distrust and yet another r*pe (they were already together, but even so!)


Ignorance? Innocence?


They lived together with humans for so many years, but didn't they know that humans only live to be 100 years old in rare cases?

Also, I thought it would be funny when one found out about the other's identity after so many years, but it wasn't...

And how did MC believe that having s*x with a monster shortens a human's life? He easily believes in this.


I liked ML's personality.

The writing is also good, very quick and easy to understand.

This is mostly about an old couple of monsters living together. <<less
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