Thou, As My Knight


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When two people exchange vows, all despair disappears. The tale of the heretical knights begins!

As a wielder of supernatural phenomena and a tool of war, the ‘informationist.’ Tsushima Rindou, an ordinary informationist, takes on the job of smuggling Holy, the daughter of a fallen noble, out of the Balga Empire. However, this marks the beginning of swirling conspiracies.

Their escape is not only pursued by the Imperial regular army but also by the strongest informationist in the Empire, known as the ‘Six Emperor Swords.’ Facing formidable power and shadow against just a fallen noble. The reason lies in Holy’s hidden identity.

Overwhelming enemies, layers of conspiracies, and resurfacing past grudges. Despair abundant enough to bring one to their knees. But—so what?

When the two, bound only by a transactional relationship, exchange their final vows, all despair disappears!

A tale of heretical knights, far from the concept of chivalry, begins here!”

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汝、わが騎士 として
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
05/20/24 JP Translations for fun v1c4
05/18/24 JP Translations for fun v1c3
05/08/24 JP Translations for fun v1c2
05/02/24 JP Translations for fun v1c1
04/18/24 JP Translations for fun v1 prologue
04/18/24 JP Translations for fun v1 illustrations
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