The Villain’s Lackey, Heroine’s Personality Collapsed


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Jiang Cheng transmigrated into a brainless harem world and became a villain’s lackey.

He originally wanted to complete some tasks and earn lucrative rewards… but the plot took a strange turn.

[Deliver a letter to the heroine on behalf of the villain]

Heroine: “If you wrote this love letter, then I will…”

[Invite the heroine to dinner on behalf of the villain]

Heroine: “If you invite me, then I will go.”

“Never mind! Let me treat you instead.”

[Pretend to be a bad guy and block the heroine]

Heroine: “You shouldn’t act like this, you should… you should pin me against the wall!”

Jiang Cheng was speechless. Hasn’t the character setting of this heroine completely collapsed?

Associated Names
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Fǎnpài gēnbān tài qiǎngyǎn, nǚ zhǔrén shè bēngle
The antagonist's sidekick is too eye-catching, causing the female lead's character setting to collapse
The villain's henchman is too eye-catching, and the heroine's design collapses
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