The Villainess Doesn’t Need a New Husband


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How can such a ridiculous thing happen?

“My groom-to-be is already dead.”

It was unfair that I died so unexpectedly, and possessed the body of a villainess. And of all times, it had to happen during our ‘soul wedding’! All I have left is a sunfish body and a ton of debt! Wait, wasn’t the deceased groom supposed to be wealthy?

How can I lead a comfortable life as a villainess? What about iced Americano? What about warm bath!

I have to figure out how to deal with this mess! I tried to be as vicious as I could and make sure no one could come near me…

“If you want, I can get you out of here for a while.”

“If someone talks about me leaving….”

“It will just add to the thickening rumors surrounding us.”

The man in front of me piqued my interest.

“I want to hire you. As my fake mistress.”

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악녀님에겐 새 남편 따위 필요하지 않아요
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