The Tyrant Brother is A Bonus


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My coin hit the jackpot.
But at the first moment of enjoying a life reversal, I died in a plane crash.
‘Damn it!’

When I opened my eyes, I was in the world of a book.
More than that, I was the villainess of a tragic harem story.


If I don’t break off my engagement within a year here,
will they send me back to my original world?
Back to the day when I realized profits worth billions of won?
Oh, dear God! I would even lick that man’s feet! But he—

“Get lost.”
“I find it disgusting to even touch you, so I will break off our engagement.”

He hates me because of the original body owner’s karma!
And this man is not an ordinary hard nut to crack!
Oh no, no!
Please, just bear with me a little…!

“Just bear with it for 3 months, what if I pay off your debt?”

Yes, I thought about just pretending to pay off this man’s debt and endure for a year….
But the problem is, this man wasn’t the only obstacle!


“Hey. Come here. Come on.”
“Turn off the light.”

This man, claiming to be my brother, picks fights over everything.
The arrogant male protagonist and tyrant of the book.

“Hey, I told you to break up with that stick, didn’t I? Break off the engagement.”
“What’s so good about clinging onto him?”

And he even interferes with my engagement!
Will I be able to safely reunite with my coin?

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폭군 오빠는 덤입니다
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