The Two Dancing Blades


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Another entry in what you can call the Proto Harem Series: the books written before the Harem Series that take place in the same world.

It’s about a swordswoman whose student is captured, so she goes to rescue her.

Associated Names
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Futari no Kenbu
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Harem Castle (Shared Universe)
Harem Pirates (Shared Universe)
Harem Sister (Shared Universe)
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Harem Caravan (Shared Universe)
Harem Engagement (Shared Universe)
A Queen Disgraced: Devilish Strategist (Shared Universe)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
06/24/19 Ero Light Novel... afterword
06/24/19 Ero Light Novel... c6
05/28/19 Ero Light Novel... c5
05/05/19 Ero Light Novel... c4
04/05/19 Ero Light Novel... c3
02/11/19 Ero Light Novel... c2
11/26/18 Ero Light Novel... c1
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