Harem Caravan


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Some time has passed since the events of Harem Dynast, so Lorent and Ansandra have a teenage daughter and Lucy has a teenage son. The story follows that son who is childhood friends with the princess and has been placed in charge of a merchant caravan full of beautiful girls and women.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/11/18 Ero Light Novel... c6
10/01/18 Ero Light Novel... c5
09/30/18 Ero Light Novel... c5
09/17/18 Ero Light Novel... c4
08/23/18 Ero Light Novel... c3
08/14/18 Ero Light Novel... c2
04/30/18 Ero Light Novel... c1
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MangoGuy rated it
October 1, 2018
Status: c5
This one barely makes it to 3.

This is not Mango approved

This series is like a very, very poor failed imitation of Harem Pirates. Yes, I would compare this to the pirates one rather than the dynast or the church one. Phew, so many Harem series.... Good going.

... more>> But this one does the franchise no favour. The action is poor, to be liberal. The harem mebers themselves lack any defining character that would draw us in. And while the MC is the stereotypical innocent harem f*ckboi, the harem lets him down.

Personally, I would suggest you to skip this one from the harem franchise. There is neither a plot nor some good ero action. It looks as if like the author thought aboit pirates on lands, and then merchants, and then boom. No inspired ero action. No inspired characters. This is just bland.

Actually, I have changed my mind. This is not 3. I will have to give this a 2.

But props to the translation. Amazing job with great consistency.

Edit: Just read the last chapter. Oh boi. I am gonna give it a 3 now. Great ero in that one chapter. <<less
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