The Saint of the Labyrinth Is Adored by Monsters~ Though I Was Exiled and Left to Die in the Forest of Abyss, I Offered Prayers to God and Before I Knew It, It Became a Sanctuary


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Saint Kyrie was attacked by robbers as a child and nearly lost her life. She survived by praying to God and awakened to her powers. Since then, she has served as a saint in the temple.

Despite losing her ability to speak due to the shock of the incident, Kyrie is kind to many people. She continues to devote her free time to prayer, earning her fame in the royal capital as the “Serene Saint.”

However, jealous of her popularity, another saint conspired with the crown prince to have Kyrie expelled from the temple. Falling into the prince’s scheme, Kyrie is abandoned in the Abyss Forest, a field-type dungeon filled with terrifying monsters.

But Kyrie is beloved by God, making her invulnerable to the monsters’ attacks. Instead, she heals wounded monsters and displaced demons who live there.

Kyrie’s prayers bring blessings to the Abyss Forest and happiness to its inhabitants. As a result, the people living in the forest grow to love her dearly.

Meanwhile, the kingdom that lost Kyrie starts to decline. Realizing too late how crucial she was, the crown prince comes begging for her return, but it’s already too late.

Empowered, the people of the forest fend off any human attempts to reclaim her, one after another.

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cvct rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: c55
I made an account on this site just to review this! Why aren't more people reviewing??? Its pretty good. The main character is a bit silly and kinda annoying sometimes but overall I really like this story!

The only problem with this is that the translation is in present tense. I know, I know, it's probably like that in the original, but in English it reads really weird.

Don't expect too much. This is just a fun story without much depth, but entertaining.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CatCubed rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: c20
Haha, this is so bad. If you liked "I Parry Everything", you might like this except it's even more of a one-note story. Basically all she says is "but it's not my power, it's God's... " Rewrite that phrase 50 different ways, add a heaping dose of overly convenient plot, and the usual repetitive WN phrases, and voila!

*Sigh* Gonna read (skim) until the end because there was one thing I'm curious about but now I can't even remember what that was. This story is so brainless that it wiped my... more>> mind lol.

Edit: nvm, I can't do it. It's giving me a headache. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suzuranao rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: c37
It's a bit brainless and characters are a bit one dimensional so don't expect a super developed story but the revenge plot is satisfying. Kyrie (MC) is pretty dense and thinks it's all God instead of her but its believable since she was saved by prayers and ... more>>

God IS listening to her and basically acts as a filter to let her use her power, when evil people pray or try to receive her power they can't, as when tr*sh prince prayed to God, God blocked his call so Kyrie wouldn't help him lol


It's nice slice of life if you just want to pass some time with a bit sprinkles of plot there and there but pretty relaxed in all <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nainaitou rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c77
she’s so goddamn s*upid lololol

honestly don’t blame her, she spent most of her life being indoctrinated by a church so fanaticism is to be expected

mary sue, everyone is cute

fluffy slice of life feel with a sprinkle of plot
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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