The Relaxed Journey of the Bag Hero in Another World ~ Exiled from the Royal Castle as a Failed Hero and Dropped into the Abyss. But in reality, the bag can absorb anything and was a cheat weapon that could order anything from Japan. There’s no intention to go back even if they beg for forgiveness now.


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I, Keisuke Sakudaira, a high school student, was summoned to another world as the “Bag Hero” one day. However, I was expelled by the queen, who summoned me, because she said a bag wouldn’t be useful. Later, I was thrown into the most difficult dungeon, where I thought I would die. But…

“Huh, this bag can store both attacks and monsters!?”

“Huh!? I can summon food and drinks as much as I want!?”

Surprisingly, this bag… was a cheat. Freed from the task of defeating the Demon King, I embarked on a leisurely journey through this different world with this cheat bag in hand.

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