The Peerless Master


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In the previous life, he lost his way and died. In this world, he became a small person and climbed the summit step by step. And look at the small figure Chen Feng, how to shake the wind and rain in this cruel world, step by step….

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New KurouDaijuji rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c70
On the plus side the Translator notes when they take liberties with the text (or at least there are lots of notes that they have done so).

On the minus side, the Translator claims to have taken liberties with the text often enough I have to wonder if any of it is actually a translation.
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hiro12a rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: c42
A pretty good novel as of right now. For those that don't like harems, I don't think this novel is for you since it seems the main character is going to have a big harem but if you're fine with harem or you like harem, you should read this novel.

This novel starts out pretty interesting also since our main character doesn't just make billions at the start and he actually had to find a job and the story development is a bit different from other novels like this, which is... more>> pretty unique. <<less
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danish341 rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: c50
Warning: Don't take my rating too seriously.

About my review: I have listed a few problems that you might face while reading it.

The first thing I noticed in this novel is that there are little too unnecessary details about the characters. Or should I say it like 'author just ambiguously introduced the new characters'. It looks as though the characters are just puppets without any emotions and personaliy.

The second most confusing thing is about the harem. The girls just get charmed by the MC without any reason (and I mean literally)... more>> and without any character development. The new girls introduced are just so so. The author doesn't want to bother himself with a good introduction of the new girls (just passing it like air).

The third is about the MC himself. His former incarnation is really ambiguous. It looks as though the author detailed his whole personality. But there is a slight problem and that is there is no clear cut power level defined for his former self. Sometimes, MC says that he couldn't reach the upper realm (and don't know much of the secrets of the cultivation world like other reincarnated protagonists) but on the other hand he was one of the four heavenly kings. I think that he was just a clown in his previous life who had just a bit of power and the world he resided in was just above he is currently reincarnated into (i.e Earth). And he thinks like he is God in this world. A little too funny if you ask me.

The first few chapters are but too boring but the story is getting better with every chapter (that is why I gave it a good rating for now). But the problems mentioned above are just too annoying but I will keep reading it until it forces me to withdraw. <<less
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