The Peerless Master


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In the previous life, he lost his way and died. In this world, he became a small person and climbed the summit step by step. And look at the small figure Chen Feng, how to shake the wind and rain in this cruel world, step by step….

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New natalus
April 13, 2018
Status: c6
i cannot read 1st chapter TT, please fix it
well. 1st chapter is down below ^_^


i read it until chapter 6. It look like promising.

its a story about transmigration from immortal world to modern world

... more>> MC is one of five major god from immortal world.

He died and transmigrate to current body, their soul is fusing.

In modern world, MC is blue collar worker that had fatal accident.

On dead bed his soul fuse with god from immortal world.

After his recovery he quit work and find a cheap room to stay.

--- <<less
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