The Peasant Girl’s Splendid Manor


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Mo Yan, who was blown to ashes, reincarnated into ancient times,

Becoming a peasant girl fleeing famine!

With a loving and handsome scholar father above — not bad!

And with lively and lovely younger siblings below — very good!

But, would she like to die again?

On the road of escape from famine, with no food, no drink, and nowhere to stay,

She even had to beware of bad people catching her to fill their bellies!

Fortunately, the space for leveling up from her past life came along,

But it was useless —

Damn it, that space with mountains, water, and meat to eat actually got formatted!

Facing adversity, Mo Yan reignited her fighting spirit:

So what if it got formatted? She would still become prosperous at the foot of the imperial city!

Clearing land, planting fruit trees, buying shops, building houses… not missing a single one!

But… there were also many envious troublemakers!

Is the farm yours? Here, I’ll ruin you without discussion!

Want to be her stepmother? Sure, I’ll give you a few widowers!

Your birth mother is looking for you? Here, take the letter, good riddance!

What? A handsome man came to propose? Um, should I swoon over him?

PS: 1. Stick to farming without wavering + atypical home conflicts + no palace intrigues

2. The style leans towards the positive, with normal values (occasional author madness not excluded)

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