The Mad Daughter Nia Liston


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This frail and beautiful girl—is actually the unrivaled strongest daughter who reincarnated!

“If I had to die, I wanted to die fighting.”

There was once a great hero who had even slain a god. Too strong, she dreamed of meeting an opponent strong enough to kill her at the moment of her death―

As a result, what awaited her was reincarnation into a frail noble lady!?

Becoming the beautiful yet too weak lady Nia Liston in a future world, she joyfully throws herself into battles seeking strong opponents in her second life!

“――Ahaha! Come on, come on! If you don’t get ready, I’ll trample you!”

The strongest unparalleled tale of a ferocious angel-like young lady begins here!!


Other Summary:

In this era, the name of the newest hero will now be recorded.

The one who slaughters magical beasts with bare hands | The one who walks in the blood rain [Red Rain].
The white healer who aids those wounded and fallen.
The knight slayer, for whom even the sturdiest armor means nothing.
The one who merely seeks a fight to the death, a suicidal wisher.

Among others, the rampaging lady, the roaring (cuz of speed) angel, the tyrannical princess, the dance of destruction, and so on.

Though she was called by various nicknames, the most famous of all was the name “The Mad Daughter”.

Her name will now be engraved on a page of the history books.

The record of the Mad Daughter’s splendid battles, worthy of the name of a hero.

And then, the trajectory of an idol, who, though not desiring, had no reason to refuse and advanced forward.

The Mad Daughter Nia Liston.
Her story began on a certain night.

Associated Names
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Kyouran Reijou Nia Liston
Nia Liston: The Merciless Maiden
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Tenome rated it
February 24, 2024
Status: v1
If you're coming here expecting what's written on the synopsis--a story about a powerful warrior reincarnated into the body of a little girl and becoming a battle-crazed little girl--you won't find it here. For some reason, the author decided that it's really important to have a subplot about her appearing on a TV show for almost the entire volume. Pretty much nothing happens in v1, the entire read is one big disappointment that doesn't even deliver on its premise.

Also, the writing is really stiff and weirdly dry. I don't know... more>> if it's J-Novel's translation or what, but it just feels awkward to read. Don't waste your time here. <<less
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