The Life of a Power Mage Inside the Game


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I’ve taken possession of a wizard in the game. However, I’m way too strong.

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게임 속 힘법사가 사는 법
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Aug 13, 2023
Status: c7
The name thing is quite possibly the dumbest concept I've seen in a novel for a year or so, and it made me lose any hope for the story. Dropped.

Specifically: He named his character something s*upid, so when he became the character, he took on the character's name. However, when someone asked him his name he was only able to use the full name. He couldn't use one word from it like a normal person might just give their first or last name to a stranger. He couldn't introduce himself... more>> with a nickname. He couldn't lie to give a different name.

I get that it's supposed to be a joke, but there had to be a better use for the silly name. For instance, meeting someone important who could see through lies and found it suspicious that he was lying about his name. For instance, having to state his real name for a ceremony in a public place. Not "at the first opportunity". Ugh. The author forcing the protagonist to do dumb things that he should be able to avoid for comedy or drama is one of the things I hate the most in novels. Can't even use "it's a game rule" as an excuse because

the world is already in GAME OVER mode


Anyway, aside from that, it's an okay work. Moderately interesting concept, ok execution up to that point, but from that point on you understand that the protagonist is not a 'person' with free will but an 'avatar' that the author can freely manipulate without needing cause and effect. <<less
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