The Legend of the Ghost Concubine


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On the day of the wedding, Feng Xi Er laid on top of the ‘Ghost king’, eager to take off his wedding robe. He squinted his eyes, flipped over and switched their positions. He held her dishonest hand and said, coldly, “Miss is so eager to get on This Prince? Are you so desperate?” Feng Xi Er was just desperate to prove something, and once again reached out to take off his mask. The Ghost King smiled evilly, grabbed Feng Xi Er’s wrist and began to remove her robe and say: “Since Miss wants it, This Prince shall satisfy you…”

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haruhi91 rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c15
It's too early to judge fairly, still I want to leave a good review for a promising novel to encourage the translator.

As usual for transmigration novel, both the title and description are generic and pointless. Feng Xi enters the body of a girl who dies saving her betrothed, the 7th prince who doesn't care for her. Feng Xi is a normal modern girl without particular skills, she wants to break the engegament, stay away from royalty living without too much worry. For the moment, I like her personality, she is... more>> not overbearing, thinks before speaking even if sometimes she acts rashly.

When there will be more chapters, I'll integrate the review <<less
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Qiqiqiqi rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: --
Haaa... Don't be fooled by the summary and this novel should have tragedy in it.. Or drama... Really... Start of so sweet but then it hit you on the face like "what's just happen?"

... more>>

the FL what should I said.. She is carefree, fearless, but full of weakness too. Like any good and strong modern girl. But, she didn't have any special skill or cheat... She is an ordinary woman, trapped in ancient times, falling in love hardly, and willing to go to hell for her love... I pity her... Really.. Especially the arc when the ML lost his memory-which is really cliche- and heartbreaking...

for ML what could I said... He is dumb? In the nearly chapter when FL fell in love with him... She start and really appreciate honesty for the man she love... Even told him about her secret-her transmigration- but he keep all of the secret from her and love her with another persona... WHAT'S MORE DUMB she have a really powerful force but always failed to rescue FL even when he already gave 4 people to guard FL. But, FL always hurt. Even though he came to rescue to healed her... But, it made me really mad.... Like TF dude?! What's more crazy is his trustworthy people! That bit*h green tea LuFu and scum FeiLin... I hate them.... The bit*h love ML but never got her feelings reciprocated so she gave him a memory lost potion so he could forget FL in the name of their holy revenge plan... When actually she just wanted ML to forget FL so she didn't have to broken heart and cultivated her feelings for ML... For FeiLin... This man.. Huuuh'sighed.... This old man support the bit*h green tea... Even when he felt guilty for the lover... But he brushed it off quickly... I remembered he was the one in the early chapter whose rold ML that FL was a good girl... And ML should opened up his heart.. But.... Looked at what he did! DAMN IT! I REALLY HATE THE GREENTEA b*tch..... Luckily, even when ML lost his memory... She not even got ML love even though she strip herself for medication... And hoping ML would do her... But I'm still mad with the dumb ML.


Haaaa... I mtl this novel and thought afterwards that I really wasted my time.... <<less
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August 13, 2019
Status: c1
Thank you for translating the fiction.

Please do not drop this fiction. This is an amusing fiction with cute FL. She is adorable.
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Jian Yue
Jian Yue
September 25, 2019
Status: c11 part1
I can't rate this story yet but this story is cool! The MC is cunning and carefree unlike other helpless FLs. I hope our MC remains consistent with her character and not become a typical Mary Sue. Looking forward to more chapters in the future.
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