The Last Adventurer


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An era where the desperate, miserable, and tragic tale of the six heroes who sealed the Dark Mage, who sought to destroy Maple World, became the favorite legend of children.

“The Cygnus Knights have fallen, the Resistance has collapsed, the Cross Hunters have been destroyed, and the adventurers have been annihilated. And the six heroes are dead.”

An era where no one dared to resist the reappearance of the Dark Mage and his followers.

“You are the only one left, El Paume. You’re the last adventurer.”

In that era, there was an adventurer who continued to fight until the end.

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최후의 모험가
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2 Reviews

New Boosick
May 04, 2024
Status: c37
Great novel, with a nice story which quite uniquely executes the usual dungeon plot tropes and has a different and understandable power scaling. Worldbuilding is nicely done too. The translation is also good. It is a weak to strong novel with an op regressor MC. The pacing is also good as it never drags out. It also has a :-

    • Likable MC who actually acts like a regressor who has seen it all and suffered, much unlike seen in soo many dungeon manhwas nowadays.
    • Likeable side charecters with unique and diverse personalities. They behave like actual people and not brain dead morons who just follow the MC.
Overall, 9.4/10 would recommend. Thanks to helscans for adapting this.
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Apr 21, 2024
Status: c44
Thank you helscans for adapting this novel (The Last Adventurer)

First off I came to know this novel from manhwa. Redice studio is the one who adapted this novel to make a manhwa. The art and quality of the characters is insane.

The story is about our MC El paume who is one of the adventurer in the maple world. He is one of the strongest in this world but he can't save it till the end. Now he is regressed six years ago prior to this. To saved the world... more>> again. • There's Dibo the polearm hero. • Kiri the Cygnus knight swordwoman. • Ralph the supporter and buffer

• Miner the pirate girl and markswoman.

There are many reasons why I like this novel

1. The MC is likable. He is calm, clever and intelligent.

2. Every supporting or side character is also good. They have very diverse personalities.

3. The world building is good. The novel is neither fast pace nor slow either.

If you like novel in it where there are gates, monsters, magic and adventures then give this a try it is not very bad. <<less
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