The Hero Who Returned From Reincarnation in Another World Remembers Being Bullied~ Why Do Troubles Keep Happening One After Another Like This? For Now, I’ll Suppress It So That They Won’t Lay a Hand on Me Again


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Takahito Yasuda, 16 years old. He had returned from a different world, spending 25 years there (only one month in Japan). Despite vague memories, he returned to Japan to his worried mother. During his first day back at school, Takahito recalls his situation.

“Oh, right, was I bullied?”

Returning triggered memories for him, but having faced life-and-death battles in the other world, school troubles seemed trivial.

“Dealing with them is too bothersome, so I’ll just make sure they never bother me again.”

For him, it was easier than twisting a baby’s hand. However, subduing bullies led to unexpected confrontations with delinquents, dragging him into further absurd situations.

This is the story of Takahito Yasuda, who returned from a different world, suppressing unreasonable individuals beyond the bounds of law.

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