The Golden Age


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When you got the crown, you got the responsibility. If you didn’t have the responsibility, you would lose the crown.

The day the young men looked up, the emperor was in no shape to keep ruling the country. So he started hunting for the crown.

This was a tale about emperors being the prey.

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Ri Yue Feng Hua
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    Wolfie-bigsister rated it
    December 24, 2020
    Status: c46
    If you came here to read wuxia who pack with action-jianghu-martial arts as a side dish and mystery solving; conflict and dispute in royalties and official; non-aristocrat MC as a main dish. You in a right place.

    Don't bother to read the rating because it's really freaking underrated! You have to read it if you don't trust me. But don't rate low because you don't like the novel, It Really Frustrating!

    This dwells in prison (not always prison, FYI) of Gui City. MC is a warden, he was an orphan who is... more>> saved by Officer Meng and Governer Han, then apply for the job of an officer in prison. But his identity is still a mystery.

    Who was he? Why did he get in that freezing cold road with really weird disease?

    how can he gets an ability just from drinking animal blood? Why is someone protecting him?

    we still don't know about him at all.

    But that's not the point! The novel was narrating his adventure in discovering secret of his surrounding and himself along the way!

    He find a darkness in the city, but find light too.

    But it not about MC saving the world, or saving evil or villain, or him being anti-hero, none of it. He was not evil but not kind who forgive evil people like-saint either. He was a kind young teenager who hate being owed.

    I going to edit it if I read it again. <<less
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    Hkl911 rated it
    November 8, 2021
    Status: c61
    First and foremost I want to say this is a great read and I greatly encourage anyone yo give it a try for the first 3 or more chapters when the first scene takes part. People need to discover this novel or something cuz almost nobody knows about this novel and it's better than some of the top garbage i've seen on this site.

    I'll start with the good parts.

    No problems on translation, everything coherent and understandable, no weird or out ofnplace sentences and phrases.

    -Mc:really breath of fresh air, an all... more>> around good guy who actually needs tk struggle.

    -Other characters:they have goals those either being known or mysterious like the person who saved MC when he was young

    -no nonsense romance or cringe women or stuff like that

    It's slow and that's good sometimes but bad other times. This time is good like in LGS

    Bad parts. Right now MC doesnt have any goal beside maybe discovering his past but thats not really a goal.

    He's wayyyyy to naive for what he went through and his position. <<less
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