The Glamorous Daily Life of a Fake Mistress


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“I will no longer be used by you anymore!”

Sally became the mistress of the Duke of Esteban. But to the Duke, she was nothing but a tool. She resented him and painfully ended her life.

But when she opened her eyes again, she was back as a 16-year-old maid. And in order to avoid her future meeting with him, Sally decides to live as her shabby maid!

But this time, Sarah, the young lady Sally is serving, was chosen as Duke Esteban’s mistress!

“I’ll meet the Duke of Esteban instead of you, my lady.”

Unable to push Sarah, who is like a family member, into an unwanted path, Sally accepts the fate of meeting him again.

But she won’t be as unhappy as she was in the past.

Because she didn’t love him anymore.

And the reason why the Duke, which I learned later, chose a woman of low status as his mistress is…

“The reason I need a fake mistress is to divorce a woman named as my wife.”

“Since it is a fake relationship, we won’t ever sleep together, right?”

“Of course, there will never be anything like that between us. Never.”

But contrary to his assurance, Duke Esteban gradually falls for Sally.

Sally, who became the Duke’s contract (fake) mistress, takes over high society!

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가짜 애첩의 화려한 일상
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July 3, 2021
Status: c1
Too soon to rate too soon to read. This one is going to need 10-20 chapters at the least.

Things I can say. The translation is very good and certainly readable. The prologue is pointless redundant and may well be ab unwanted spoiler. The opening is a bit meh. The first chapter tries, to make you feel for the MC as a bullied maid, a fallen woman, relate to her as someone who conquers high society and falls in love. Too much for 1 short chapter.

Withholding judgment but this is giving... more>> off a schlock vibe <<less
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