The Genius “Incompetent” Woman Wants to be a Villainess ~a Lady who Married in the place of her Stepsister is Unaware of the Doting Duke’s Love


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“This is a contract marriage.” “Yes, thank you!” “…What?”

Avril, a daughter who was hailed as a prodigy when she was young, was bullied for being ‘incompetent.’ For being a villainess, she’d be married to a lustful old duke in the place of her stepsister…

However, what was waiting for her was a beautiful young man who was the exact opposite of the rumors. But of course, the way the surroundings treated Avril, whom they believed to be a villain, was unfortunate.

Nevertheless, Avril, who was too accustomed to being oppressed, remained calm. She obediently demonstrated her insensitivity and abilities as a ‘villainess’, and transformed her surroundings into her ally.

On the other hand, the duke quickly found out that Avril was neither incompetent nor villainous.

“Avril, who dared to refer to you as ‘incompetent’ and as a ‘villain’? …I won’t forgive them.” “Uhm, that’s…?”

This is a story about a heroine who lived at her own pace even if she was unloved by her family, and was cherished and happy in her newfound world.

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Munosaijo wa Akujo Ni Naritai ~ Gimai no Migawari de Tomoi da Reijo 、 Koshaku you no Dekiai ni Kidzuka nai ~
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kawaii12345 rated it
May 28, 2022
Status: c47
3.5 Stars rounded to 4 out of kindness.

I really don't think this one deserves the comedy tag. While comedy is a subjective thing I didn't get so much as a chuckle or a smirk out of this. That's not say it's bad just that it's not particularly funny.

It also doesn't rate the Villainess tag. Yes there most definitely is a villainess, but so far there aren't the elements that make a proper villainess story.

What the story is, is a Cinderella/Incredibly Unfavored Child story. The story tries for comedy by leveraging... more>> the misunderstanding about the MC and her actual nature. Instead it just makes you wish the MC was Chinese and went around saying "I'm not the virg*n". It does function well as a slow burn unfavored child story and by the time you get about 20 chapters in, you will really hate the family and want to knock some sense into the MC.

The story is still in progress and there are some things to worry about. It looks like the author may try to white wash the father, who has done things that indicate he knew perfectly well about his daughters harsh circumstances. There's also an annoying recurring theme of the MC not wanting any association with her family, but still pouring on the sweetness to help them. As I said makes you just want to knock some sense into the MC.

The story also has problems with the way it's written. It can be very hard to follow. The translation seems to be cleaning this up a bit, so before reading you may want to wait for the translation to be complete or at least a more substantial portion to be done. This isn't a bad idea anyway as what is done will leave you very confused (CH 3 as I write this).

Overall it's an iffy read. I found it mostly enjoyable but, I haven't seen the end and how some of the big things resolve out are up in the air. <<less
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Kingdo rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: c78
Not really good, but not really bad either.

The story isn't great, but don't think too much about it. To pass a boring moment it's do the job, but you're searching for a story with developed characters and logic, that won't do.

The vilainess reputation

The protagonist here is send to marry a lecherous old dude to paid back the debt and misbehavior of her half sister that is the golden child. But the protag has no motivation to act as a "vilainess" at all. Her main goal is to escape her home,... more>> and that's done in chapter one. Her reputation is from her sister using her name when she has done bad thing. It would be easy now to just announce the truth now, even if people doubt it at first, time will help her. But no, even after her family is destroyed, she still acts as a vilainess for unknown reasons.

Mary sue

The protagonist describes as "naive", but I think she is more s*upid, unfortunately. While at the same time, she is supposed to be smart with an unparalleled memory.

There is nothing to do

I don't really get the point of the story, the protag has nothing to do with her family doom. The family was over indebted from the beginning, protag's money wouldn't have resolved anything, at best repel it a little. And since the protag was the person that keep the family's boat from sinking, they just sank faster.

Somehow, no one will notice

Also, people know that the protag have a sister and some even know the two sis look alike. But whenever they saw the "vilainess" protag, they all think she doesn't really fit her reputation, but no one connect the dot. <<less
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Luukia rated it
May 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I love this. It's a light read with minimum conflict. I love this kind of story. A love comedy story without too much cringe or too much drama. I really enjoyed reading the novel and the translation is great too!
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IronPh0enix rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: c68
It's a good romance novel without major drama or conflict. At the time I was writing only arc 1 (i.e Vol 1) is translated, and it was sweet till the end. Not much comedy since the whole comedy is that she is


which I like in arc 1 not sure how the further story is gonna be tho.
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