The Foul


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One day, Kwon Taeha approached the casino VIP dealer Joo Hawon, who had four billion won in debt. On the condition of paying off his debts, Kwon Taeha offered Joo Hawon to work under him.

The deposit would be two million won at first, and the other two million would be paid if the work was done perfectly, but Joo Hawon didn’t exactly know what this man’s purpose was. Hiding their objectives, they held each other’s hands, but their emotions were dragged into it and got entangled…

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05/09/24 Foxaholic 18 c2 part6
12/22/23 Foxaholic 18 c2 part5
07/31/23 Foxaholic 18 c2 part4
07/20/23 Foxaholic 18 c2 part3
08/07/22 Foxaholic 18 c2 part2
07/23/22 Foxaholic 18 c2 part1
07/09/22 Foxaholic 18 c1 part4
04/13/22 Foxaholic 18 c1 part3
03/27/22 Foxaholic 18 c1 part2
03/04/22 Foxaholic 18 c1 part1
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