The First Half of My Life


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Zi Jun had always been dependent on her husband, as her life lacked the willpower to be independent. After her husband deserted her, she began to throw herself into her work. While she seeks an occupation and fights for an independent position in society, Zi Jun displays her intelligence and wisdom, as her youthfulness shines through, thus gaining many people’s respect and admiration. In the end, she receives happiness and a beautiful outcome in her love life and work life.

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01/02/18 Meraki Translations c1
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airesten rated it
January 2, 2018
Status: c1
wow, maybe its too soon, but its great so far. If you are worried it will be another Black-bellied medical doctor/ herbalist type series then you don't have too as so far it seems pretty sensible and the characters have a little more substance to them. The female lead also seems like she could be real, hopefully the author will not introduce a series of male hunks. Anyways the first chapter was great!
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