Take A Bite of The Terrifying BOSS and You’ll Be in Love!


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Three years ago, “Stairway to Heaven” suddenly emerged, and batch after batch of people were drawn into the escape game and forced into a live broadcast, enduring the arbitrary manipulation and heinous criticism of the audience.

Yu Qing had soft long hair, a simple appearance, and big watery eyes. Facing the old woman ghost who grinned in front of him and asked him to enter the house, he nodded obediently: “Okay.”

Audience: […brainless, the host will die in the next second. He’s going to be poisoned to death by the old woman ghost.]

The number of people in the live broadcast dropped sharply, and then, poof –

Yu Qing pressed the old woman ghost’s head into the dinner plate and asked with a smile: “Do you want to watch a ghost mukbang?”

Audience: [???]

Yu Qing: “I work for everyone’s enjoyment and broadcast something different.”

Audience: [!!!]

Since then, things became strange.

System: [Host Yu Qing killed the NPC, violated the rules, and the health value returned to zero!]

The audience rewarded him life points crazily.

[My wife is right, there must be something wrong with the rules!] [The system want him to die on the third broadcast, but I want him to live forever!] Other hosts: “But our audience is not like this!!!”

Then, Yu Qing effortlessly survived. The points increased, and the clearance operations became easier for him, but…

What did the audience want to see?

Audience: [Baby, hug the BOSS and kiss him until he is stunned!]

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