Takane No Hana (LN)


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A high school boy, Itsuki Tomonari, gets involved in a kidnapping and ends up taking care of Hinako Konohana, a young lady from one of Japan’s largest conglomerates.

On the surface, Hinako seems to be a brilliant and charming girl, but in reality, she is a lazy girl with no life skills. However, due to family reasons, Hinako has to play the role of the “perfect young lady” at school.

Wanting to protect her, Itsuki takes care of her in a very caring manner. Eventually, Hinako begins to fawn on Itsuki with all her might…

“Now…if Itsuki isn’t around, I would hate it.”

This is a love story that begins with a cute young lady with a gap that transcends the master-servant relationship.

Associated Names
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Bảo mẫu bí mật của tiểu thư (Vietnamese)
Rich Girl Caretaker (Official)
Saijo no Osewa
Saijo no Osewa Takane no Hana-darakena Meimon-kou de, Gakuin Ichi no Ojou-sama (Seikatsu Nouryoku Kaimu) wo Kagenagara Osewa suru Koto ni Narimashita
才女のお世話 高嶺の花だらけな名門校で、学院一のお嬢様(生活能力皆無)を陰ながらお世話することになりました
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NinChoofn rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: v2c2 part1
Way more fleshed out than the WN, it has more depth to it. Though I don't really like the Harem kind of novels, I find this one to be actually enjoyable to read instead of being rushed.

Thanks for the chapters.

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Krozam rated it
June 1, 2023
Status: v3 prologue
Quite an enjoyable novel. The MC is very likeable, he's a hard worker with a strong sense of duty and a naturally caring attitude. While he has a bit of an inferiority complex (being a commoner suddenly thrust into high society), he doesn't let is show much and he's very ambitious and looking to improve himself, so it's not annoying in the least. The girls are also likeable. The FL is adorable with her gap (high performance perfect ojou-sama in public, but a complete slob in private). She's very attached... more>> to the MC (though at some point, she starts being aware of him as a man, so she isn't quite as bold with the skinship anymore). The main heroine of the second volume is somewhat similar to the MC, she's also a hard worker with a strong sense of duty. She's competitive and straightforward, and she enjoys teaching others. She's very lovely and develops feelings for the MC, which is a bit of a pity, because in this setting, a harem ending isn't really possible, so the closer she gets to the MC, the worse the heart break when he eventually becomes a couple with the FL. Same goes for the third heroine, who's in the spotlight in the third volume. This is why I hate harems without a harem ending... *sigh*

Anyway, the writing and translation are good, the story is well paced and it just flows naturally. If there's a problem with the writing, it's with the drama: the dramatic climax of the first volume feels just a bit forced and blown out of proportion, and then the resolution is a bit anticlimactic. The second volume's dramatic climax is much better executed, but still, it lacks a bit of impact. They're not bad to the point of being a major problem, though.

Given that the setting is all high society, the atmosphere isn't homely by any means, but even so, the story has its share of fluffy and heartwarming moments (mostly thanks to the FL and the MC's attentive care for her). Romances are developing slowly, and the MC is a bit dense in that regard, but given his position, it's probably for the best that he isn't too aware of his mistress (or the other girls, for that matter) as possible romantic interests. He has a great deal of developing to do before he can be considered a worthy son-in-law candidate for any of these high society heiresses, and romance right now would just distract him from his studies. He's growing closer to them in other ways though, and you can definitely see romantic feelings developing on the girls' side.

All in all, it's a pleasant read and I'm looking forward to the third volume and beyond. <<less
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satorri rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: v1 afterword
the fMC is usually an 'ojou-sama' but acts very lazily when out of the eyes of the public. The MC is just an earnest guy who had nowhere to go and ended up working for the fMC's family through the course of events at the start of the story. The concept is really cool, the MC is actually really likeable, there are a few lines that made me genuinely laugh, and the plot is really, really interesting. The plot is escalating from where the translation is at, and its a... more>> worthwhile read imo. The MC's interactions with other characters in the story are also quite enjoyable to read for me, though there hasn't really been romance between the MC and fMC. However, the drama and plot was what kept me stuck to this story despite being the fluffy cute sugary interaction addict I am, and its really interesting, so I recommend giving this a read. <<less
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