Swaggering Across The Border


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Stealing is not a gentleman’s business. When ordinary people do this kind of business, they do one-shot deals but when Ye Fu Liu does this kind of business, she pays attention to the long term benefits.

She specialized in looking for abandoned old mansions, visiting them repeatedly, and then moving in openly as the owner. Later she slowly moved the fine antique furniture one by one in an open and honest manner.

There was a sickly man who spoke little and had a gloomy look on his face living next door to the courtyard wall of the new mansion selected by Ye Fu Liu.

The sick man sat high up in the small building all day long, looking quietly at the wall. There were quite a few meetings in the morning and evening.

Ye Fu Liu took her time and acted like a friendly neighbor, asking for help, delivering food, and inviting doctors. After taking care of the sick man’s health, the two parties became familiar with each other.

It took two months to vacate the house and three months to resell the furniture. Within five months, she had developed a close friendship with the sick man next door.

On the day before leaving, Ye Fu Liu reluctantly said goodbye to her good neighbor.

“Money has been tight recently, so I had no choice but to sell off my ancestral home. I met the master once, and we have formed a long-term relationship. We will meet later.”

Master Wei, a man of few words, rarely opened his mouth to express his thanks said, “The Wei family’s old house here has been in disrepair for a long time, and those old furniture cannot be sold at a good price.”

“…Wei has several other vacant residences, and the furniture there is more expensive. Madam Ye is tight on money, so she can choose another place slowly to move.”

Ye Fu Liu, “???”

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