Supreme God Emperor


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In a vast and boundless world, where strong individuals abound, Mukun, the Immortal Emperor of a generation, is reincarnated into the body of a maltreated illegitimate child. He vows to stir up storms and reclaim his peak position. In the vast expanse of the heavens, who dares to challenge him? Across myriad realms, he shall reign supreme! In this life, Mukun is destined to command over all realms and shatter the vault of heaven!

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Date Group Release
04/19/24 Story Seedling c10
04/18/24 Story Seedling c9
04/17/24 Story Seedling c8
04/16/24 Story Seedling c7
04/15/24 Story Seedling c6
04/14/24 Story Seedling c5
04/14/24 Story Seedling c4
04/14/24 Story Seedling c3
04/14/24 Story Seedling c2
04/14/24 Story Seedling c1
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