Starting Reward – A Three Thousand Assassin Network


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Ye Chen is reborn and crosses into another world, becoming the youngest son of the General of Zhenbei. He’s rich, powerful, and influential, so he starts living a laid-back life, subsequently activating the laid-back system.

Laying down for a day rewards ten years’ worth of skill, equivalent to ten years of arduous cultivation for others in just one day.

Laying down for a month rewards the establishment of the Three Thousand Assassin network, an intricate web that covers heaven and earth, infiltrating everywhere.

Laying down for a year rewards the Saint’s Heart Secret Technique, that allowed the resurrection of the dead with no effort.

He had thought that such days would continue indefinitely, but unexpectedly, trouble kept knocking at his door despite his efforts to maintain peace.

Why do you all insist on pushing me?

Awaken, for this moment is the time for hunting and killing.

Ye Chen’s eyes emit a red glow. At this moment, the world enters an era of annihilation.

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