Speak of the Devil


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Lee Nan, who enjoyed his s*x life frivolously, found himself constantly attracted to the president Jung Yi-yeon whom he works for as a secretary. What could’ve just ended as a little crush, developed when the two met at a gay bar in a completely different situation! When his one-sided love asked him to be his s*x partner with no strings attached, the only answer he could give was very obvious…!

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스피크 오브 더 데블
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SweetLiesBL rated it
April 6, 2022
Status: --
Although I actually liked this novel at first, I had to drop it. It was fine until the ML (as many other novels) started to act like a scumbag and I wasn't in the mood for that shit, specially seeing how the MC got his hopes up and crushed many times.

If you like toxic relationships, you should like this lmao. The ML locked MC, for example.

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