Speak of the Devil


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Lee Nan, who enjoyed his s*x life frivolously, found himself constantly attracted to the president Jung Yi-yeon whom he works for as a secretary. What could’ve just ended as a little crush, developed when the two met at a gay bar in a completely different situation! When his one-sided love asked him to be his s*x partner with no strings attached, the only answer he could give was very obvious…!

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스피크 오브 더 데블
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3 Reviews

Jul 22, 2022
Status: --
It’s a fun story, a bit frustrating at times but entertaining until ML pulls that toxic shit. Glad he got beat up for that. Btw the cover of the novel is really ugly, the manhwa has pretty art so why not use it instead
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Apr 06, 2022
Status: --
Although I actually liked this novel at first, I had to drop it. It was fine until the ML (as many other novels) started to act like a scumbag and I wasn't in the mood for that shit, specially seeing how the MC got his hopes up and crushed many times.

If you like toxic relationships, you should like this lmao. The ML locked MC, for example.

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Jul 05, 2023
Status: --
Heyy, I came reading here after reading the latest update on the manhwa. I need to know answers, and since I'm used to putting reviews on NU, here I am.

Warning, this might contain spoilers so be warned. Most of it was actually just my rant.

There was definitely a misunderstanding when Lee Nan thought Jeong Yiyeon had s*x with Min Seowon (the pink haired guy), but you can't deny how he treated Lee Nan like prostitute for a month after he resigned. Prostit**es was at least better than Lee Nan because... more>> they can get money to use for their everyday life. How about Lee Nan? F*cking nothing.

And I hate how Jae Oh was being used. Fuxk. Please move on, Jae Oh. I'm f*cking begging you. You didn't deserve to be treated like this, even if it's Lee Nan. I really hated Lee Nan when he kept sticking to Jae Oh when he shouldn't have because he knew that Jae Oh had feelings for him.

Jae Oh is also quite pushy. That's why this situation is happening again and again. Even a friend (who likes Jae Oh) misunderstood that Lee Nan keep egging Jae Oh when Lee Nan already rejected Jae Oh many times. He's just basically forcing himself to Lee Nan.

Jeong Yiyeon, is he f*cking crazy? Can't he decide what he wanted to with Lee Nan? What he does is f*cking confusing;

1. Had office s*x with Lee Nan. They're workmates for f*ck's sake.

2. Rejected when Lee Nan confessed.

3. Says sorry and said he wanted to be together after treating Lee Nan like some prostitute.

4. Denied having any relationship with Lee Nan.

5. Threatened Lee Nan using his family and friend.

6. Stopped Lee Nan from having any job.

7. Used Lee Nan like a s*x toy for at least month.

8. Locked up Lee Nan like he's some kind of pet.

And why the f*ck Lee Nan just agreed with the 10 sexes knowing he's being threatened? Hello? Police? Do they even exist in the settings? I really hate it when the law doesn't exist in yaoi because it always ends up with the weaker party being threatened by the powerful party.

Hmkay, the brother is hot. He's so caring towards Lee Nan even though he doesn't look like it. <<less
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