Sono Mugen no Saki


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I do not know how or when I died.

What was waiting at the point of incarnation while holding memories of my previous life was a realistically harsh daily life while having a game-like system.

Contemporary knowledge has no meaning, and the position as a reincarnate is also untouched. The village that I was born in is a marginal village. There were neither clothes to wear nor food to eat ; no hope for the future, just seeking food to live and spending days like slaves.

At that time I heard the rumor of a certain city just when I gave up that the memory of Japan was all an illusion.

“There is a city where all kinds of wishes come true.”

I bet my last hope on such a stupid story, holding a vow “I want to live a human life at least”, and head to the labyrinth city….

It is roughly a comedy. (* ‘∀ `*)

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Over The Infinite
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Asf rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c120
A seemingly infinite amount of dungeon floor. An advance town based on japan in another world overflowing with technology. Eternal lives that break your spirit and test the limits of your talent. A wish that can only be granted beyond the infinite dungeon tower..

If youre familiar with danmachi, then this novel will fit right in to your preference since challenging dungeons is the main thing of this novel.

Though it starts somewhat slow... the main attraction of this novel is in its battle scene. It have one of the best battle... more>> scene I ever redt. Not only against weaker oponents, but mostly against oponents far stronger then the MC. Once the battle gets going, it gets so intense that you will not want to put it down until it finish.

Battle lover will love this novel.

Theres many unique and fun characters that will join the MC's party with each having a wish of their own that they want to be granted in the dungeon towers.

It also have an amazing background plot that will be revealed much later in the story.

I hope it can gain enough chapter past the info dump in the begining so people can enjoy it.

I personally enjoyed every chapters of it. <<less
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