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The King fell. The Princess was beheaded.

In the turbulent aftermath of the war, a political vortex swept through the court of Echiria.

Solenia Radelyon, once a humble and obscure supporting actress, was accused of being a traitor and reduced to being a sl*ve to Blayden Rehart, the commander-in-chief of the cavalry.

Amidst the chaos of the time, the future remained shrouded in uncertainty.

The harder the two people tried to distance themselves from each other, the tighter their fates seemed to weave together.

To survive, they must work together, not knowing if the other is an enemy or an ally.


“Even if you are kind, I will not call you master.”

“You’ve already called me that.”

“I will never call you again.”

“It does not matter. Whatever you think of me, whatever you call me… .”

Blayden stretched out his arm. A warm, moist hand cupped her cheek, his touch gentle with a hint of tenderness.

“Solenia Radelyon.”

His icy blue eyes darkened, and he whispered, drawing her breathless face nearer.

“You are mine.”

*This work is the second work in the ‘Rehart Series’.

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