Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! ~ Fugusha tachi no Saino Kaika ~


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I’m Kajikawa Hikaru, 25 years old, and I spend my days working overtime with no particular goals.

One day I took a nap in my car and found myself in a forest when I woke up. I tried to look for help, but a monster showed up instead. Eh what, that’s spooky.

After somehow managing to deal with it (it was almost mutual destruction), I’m convinced this is another world, but then after checking it out, I’ve got no skills, not even ones small fry supposedly have, with all zero stats. No way man.

But thanks to the gradually evolving game-like menu screen and practical usage of mana control above even skills, I’m doing good so far. Or rather, it seems like I’m slowly getting stronger beyond common sense. Wait, do I even need skills again? It’s pretty much cheat level already?

My companions are also getting stronger beyond belief following me, which makes living here surprisingly easy. Or rather, they’re getting awfully scary now.

For now my goal is to take a trip around the world, eat good food and beat up those trying to mess with us, be it demon lord vassals, no mercy.

This is one such story.

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skill? Hey, nothing like that! ~The talent of the unfortunate people is blossoming~
スキル? ねぇよそんなもん! ~不遇者たちの才能開花~
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Delta_L rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: c284
The start is a bit slow. It become good a bit later while being a bit original compared to other isekai.

Sometimes the MC gain power without any reason.

The characters are good (especially the guild masters are the best). All the main characters have their own background and they're well used.

also no harem yet, I think Reina is treated more like a little sister. The usual lolicon hero though.


The world building is acceptable but some more details could be used.


when the MC start relying on teleportation all the continents and everything loses a bit of meaning


Still a very pleasant read when you like isekai with not too overpowered hero (and not too dumb)
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