Settled in the Jujutsu High School to turn the table


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[Welcome to the Jujutsu Homeland game.] [Here, you can experience the joyful school life, and even build your own home on your own school; plant your favorite vegetables, lay a foundation, and dig a swimming pool. Nothing is impossible, only you can’t imagine it!] [In your free time, you can exchange studies with your school friends, fight monsters to upgrade together, and look for god-level equipment dropped by monsters. Monsters with advanced attributes also have a certain chance of dropping “Dragon ♂ Sword”.] [Open free world, full emotional NPCs, Let you find your spiritual home in Jujutsu Homeland.]

Tiantian: A mentally ret*rded game, a mentally ret*rded pixel men, who is the shameless person who demolished the foundation of the home that was finally built by in the Jujutsu High School? Is there a bug in the game?

Everyone in the Jujutsu High School: We took in a girl with unknown household registration. She seems to have a low IQ, has communication difficulties, and often builds illegal buildings on the school. It was finally demolished today and put up again tomorrow morning!!!

Principal Yaga: Satoru… if you have time tomorrow, take the child to the hospital for a brain scan.

Gojo Satoru: Oh *罒▽罒* it’s so troublesome. Since she wants to make things in school, it’s better if everyone just leaves her alone, just to see what she can make.

Principal Yaga: …but what she cut down was a tree carefully cultivated by the school!!!

Someone who did not want to be named: I fell in love with a wild horse… but there is no grassland in my home.

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Reversed the positions of the technical college admission
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